Countdown 24

2011 - The Pocky year

1st - And the Grinch,

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!

*tadadadaa da-daaa*

I am happy to present you "Countdown 24 - 2010 Edition", this advent calendar format thereby going into round four. I am painfully aware of a lot of holes in the previous editions, am also quite sure, that there will again be holes this time, and - as always - promise to fill them. Someday. (No plans in January, yet.)

As last years advent calendar was Animood only and your Christmas present will we one epic more than 50.000 word long Animood Novel, I decided to go back to the roots of advent calendar gifting. Means, you will get something quite different (I think) every day. Links to funny things I found, picture spams, maybe some occasional drabble, alerts for emails with attachments, songs and so on.

I hope I'll get around to changing the layout (just because I want to). Something more christmas'sy, maybe? Or more Schatzi-ish? A Pischel-banner perhaps? You will find out. I just have to remember how that Html-programming layout stuff worked...


Enough introduction - today is December 1st!

Due to writer's burn-out from November, have a simple link. I already told you about it - but am 97.8% sure that you didn't watch it yet - and so I will try to force get you to watch it by this method.

Have a wonderful out of canon Bleach episode. Pure nonsense, very Animoody, and the final edition of "Ichigo - teh epic" will try to feature Ichigo as seen here.

Douzo! "Shinigami Film Festival!"


And - another goodie - I modified my NanNoWriMo icon into a Schatzi-usable icon. Here for you to click → save picture as... small and large version.





(Oh, and btw, the English has no deeper meaning. I only find it I can sound more pompous in English.)

Happy Christmas time! ♥

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