Countdown 24

2011 - The Pocky year

11th - And he puzzled



“Yeah, well, I get mean when I’m hungry. The last time I had anything to eat was chapter 199. I'm starving.” Ichigo dropped to the ground and clutched his stomach. “Why’d you even bother to have Inoue put your arm back together, idiot? The next time we have page-time she’s just going to have to take it off again.”

“Yammy had food back in chapter 342,” said Ishida, carefully rotating his now-restored arm. “Thank you, Inoue-san. And I don’t like feeling lopsided. Has anyone seen my arm? Anyone? I want to sew my sleeve back on.”

“Don’t tell me you have a sewing kit on you,” said Ichigo. “That is so very, very gay, even for you. It would take, like, three hours to hike back to chapter 342. Why can’t He just draw us some food every once in a while?”

“I don’t think the blood is coming out of this shirt,” Ishida fretted, reaching into an inner pocket to pull out a sewing kit. “Inoue-san, do you think I can get the blood out of this shirt? It’s my favorite.”

“Fussing about your clothes and worrying about bloodstains and carrying around sewing kits. Could you be any more of a woman?”

“Could you be any more of a prick?” Ishida scowled again. “I don’t have to put up with insults from someone who just stabbed me in the gut.”

“Not my idea, man. I got the script same as you did.”



Obiger Ausschnitt ist aus "Reading between the lines - Teil 1" (leider nicht von mir, sondern von vesperh) und es gibt auch einen "Teil 2":



“Well, I had a nude barbecue planned for this weekend,” said Yammy.
There was a long moment of fascinated silence. Yammy said, “Don’t look at me like that. I was planning to invite you guys.”
“A nude...barbecue,” Renji mused. "What is that, exactly?"

"You know--a barbecue," Yammy said. "But nude. Everyone together in the altogether."

“What are you having?” asked Chad.
“Oh, you know. Barbecue food.”

"So...everybody who comes is naked?" asked Renji.

"Really, completely, bare naked? Or just mostly naked?"
"What kind of food?" asked Chad.
"Meat, mostly," said Yammy. "I mean, it's a barbecue."
"So if I came, I would have to be naked?" Renji asked.

“Will there be steak?” asked Chad.
“See you there,” said Chad.
Yammy looked at Renji. "What about you?"
"Will there be hot girls?"
"Halibel. Lolly. Menolly. Cirucce. Nel--"
"I'm in."



Please read entire masterpiece by following the linked links.




(In Bezug auf "something being more than the sum of its parts"

<<And when this happens, it’s like discovering that the blind date who knocked your socks off and impressed your mother is also filthy rich.>>

(Must be Kyouya... *hust*)

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