Countdown 24

2011 - The Pocky year

Day 13, which is hijacked by Shu and tea and the outline of a story

I present you with the beginning of an Adventure, in which Shu suddenly appears out of nowhere on the Host Club's sofa and drinks Darjeeling. Upon being asked which kind of tea he would have to like next, he asks for a tea with a very special gingery-flowery-spicy-flavor and this leads to a discussion between him and Bossanova (who surprisingly knows a LOT about tea for no adequately explored reason).

Schatzi overhears. Schatzi takes notes. Schatzi takes a sip of the tea which Shu had ordered in her stead, when she looked at the meterlong menu with a very puzzled expression. It is DELICIOUS.

And so, when Schatzi asks him after the end of Shu's and Casanova's discussion, if he could tell her more about this Couscous-Ginger-Tea and how to make it herself (he had said something about tranquillizing properties. Perfect if Wibi once again was going on her nerves and would neither leave nor shut up), he invites her over to his place, to show her his own private garden in which he grows all the plants needed for his teas.

Schatzi is thrilled and of course takes the next train to Los Dramos. (I need to research who has a motorobike to pick her up.)

Shu lied about the garden. It really is a huge greenhouse. So huge, in fact, that it has roadsigns ("Azaleas to the left", "Spices from India to the right", "Sahara bushes in the desert zone" etc.). Schatzi gets lost once before she finds Shu bustling around a small green flower-thing he just planted into the ground.

"It's not a flower", he says, smiling at her cheekily, "but I won't tell you what it is. It's a surprise."

He throws a bit of sparkling magical dung over the flower and then leads Schatzi to the area with the real tea bushes. (The "area" continues on outside of the greenhouse. It covers an entire half hillside in terrasses.) Schatzi asks how many workers Shu pays to help him keep this up.

He answers: "None. I don't trust many people enough to handle my plants with as much care as they deserve." Which is why in chapter 3 he will give Schatzi a shovel and gloves, asking her to help him weed the fields. And she does so happily (and because he makes her curry-spiced revival tea afterwards. Brewed for ten seconds in boiling hot water, then transferred to water less hot and left simmering for another two minutes). Ren, who comes over for something, is told to just sit at the side and watch them. (He doesn't get bored, though. Damn iPhones are too entertaining.)

When Schatzi finally gets around to expressing her wish to drink a kind of tea that Shu has not invented yet (Oh the horror!), they start on their mission of "Find-the-magical-tea-that-will-help-Schatzi-write-the-perfect-first-draft-in-one-go".

[insert rest of story]

It will end with them being unsuccessful and Schatzi finding out that she can write this magical perfect first draft simply when Shu sleeps with his head on her lap. And a half-full cup of tea of any kind next to her, as long as Shu made it for her himself.

Awww, the kitsch. (I am sure Schatzi will love it.)


I am also quite sure that there is no good reason not to add sprinkles to your tea.

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Schatzi (14.12.11 21:43)
I would certainly love it! <3

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