Countdown 24

2011 - The Pocky year

20. 12. 2008 - 10 Character Meme

Same procedure as last time, Miss Schatzi. Fandom: Animood.

1 Yoh (Shaman King)
2 Hughes (Full Metal Alchemist)
3 Schatzi (Animood)
4 Ulquiorra (Bleach)
5 Matt (Death Note)
6 Fuji (Prince of Tennis)
7 Hikaru (Ouran Host Club)
8 Zorro (One Piece)
9 Wibi (Animood)
10 Matsuda (Death Note)


I humbly apologize for the unfinishedness. I'll get to it someday.


1) 4 (Ulquiorra), 7 (Hikaru), and 8 (Zorro) get lost in the desert. Whose fault is it, what do they do and how do they get out again?

Of course it's Zorro's fault, because the other two don't know about his absolute lack of orientation and thought it to be a good idea to follow him around. Hikaru would start bitching and complaining and kicking stones all the time and thus get Ulquiorra so annoyed, that he'd open one of these cool dimension portals and just warp himself away. And he'll leave the other two behind, because he's mean.


2) 1 (Yoh), 5 (Matt) and 10 (Matsuda) go out to the fare. What do they do? When they meet 2 (Hughes) and 9 (Wibi) waiting in line for the rollercoaster, what happenes?

Yoh wants to see the place with all the fake ghosts, because he finds them incredibly funny and so does his own pet ghost, sorry, spirit, Amidamaru. Matsuda - the mirror cabinet maybe? And Matt will be found looting every single boot where you can win prizes by shooting down random moving stuff. He'll end up dumping his tons of plushies - that he never wanted, he justs enjoys practicing his aim - on Elysia-chan, when they meet the two others. (But he keeps one kitten plushie for Schatzi.)

As Hughes and Wibi have completely forgotten all about the rollercoaster ride in midst-discussion about the sense of a clothing line for children when Elysia-chan is the only child in entire Animood and Wibi's promotion of Kurosaki's best-seller "How to deal with little brats", they happily agree to accompany Matsuda and Yoh for ice-cream. Matt is bored after 5 minutes and goes of to win some more plushies - darts this time.


3) 1 (Yoh) goes to the cinema. Unfortunately the only seat left is the cozy sofa in the back, which he has to share with 4 (Ulquiorra). Will he survive? What do they do?

Yoh actually doesn't care, because he's kind of a dunce. He's just disappointed when he realizes that the title "Rise and fall of TEH MEISTER" didn't mean that the film was about an ancient samurai hero as he thought.

Ulquiorra wanted to see the film because he needed new mind-game ideas. Now he is sitting very very very uncomfortably on the edge of the stupid sofa, can't concentrate on the film (and anyway he's not interested in the whole nightly tutor session with female student plot line) and thinks, why couldn't it at least have been Matt?

(← I'm sorry. My brain is seriously broken by that stupid plot-twist (see 10).)


4) 3 (Schatzi) is at the supermarket and doesn't find what he/she needs. 8 (Zorro) is an employee in said supermarket. Can 8 help 3 with their shopping?

Schatzi wanted to get milk for the kitten she kipnapped from Matt. Sorry, is currently looking after as Ryoma is in the States again for the US Open. Now she stands in front of an empy refrigerator compartement and turns to Zorro with a pleading look in her eyes, but Zorro is completely immune to that. Then she gets the Nami-glint in her eyes and Zorro immediatly obeys her every wish and command - uhm, I mean, runs off to hide ask the store manager for help more milk.

He never returns and in the end, Schatzi has to ask Hanatarou.


5) 9 (Wibi) and 10 (Matsuda) have a fight. 5 (Matt) tries to reconcile, does he succeed?

Wibi wails about Schatzi not having enough time to spend with her beloved elder sister (she spent too much time pinning after Kyouya with Tamaki) and Matsuda angrily informs her that Wibi is behind the editorial dead-line for about two months already. Matt looks up from his Nintendo, decides that it's not worth the trouble, he doesn't really need to hear the background game music anyway, and continues to high-score.


6) 2 (Hughes), 6 (Fuji) and 7 (Hikaru) share a flat. Does this work?



7) 3 (Schatzi) and 5 (Matt) have to work together on a chemistry assignement under 6 (Fuji)'s supervision. What happenes?



8) It is christmas gifting time and 4 (Ulquiorra) has to get something for 9 (Wibi), 9 for 2 (Hughes) and 2 for 8 (Zorro). What present does everyone recieve?



9) 6 (Fuji) finds a seemingly stray cat on the street, which however belongs to 5 (Matt). Meanwhile 5 (Matt) suspects 3 (Schatzi) of having kidnapped his cat. Will the poor creature return to his true owner?



10) 7 (Hikaru) commits the cardinal crime of insulting 8 (Zorro), who in revenge abducts 7's friends. Thus, 1 (Yoh) and 10 (Matsuda) find themselves stranded on a lonely beach, which is only inhabited by 9 (Wibi). With 9's phone they try to call 6 (Fuji) for help, however 5 (Matt) picks up. In the background 4 (Ulqiorra) is attempting to flirt with 5 (Matt), but 3 (Schatzi) intervenes. 2 (Hughes) listens in on the conversation and reports to 8. Now 6 as well as 8 are on their way to the island. Who is going to die first? And how would you call this fic? Is the story better or worse than "The eternal tale of fire and snow"?


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